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If you are looking for a trusted and reliable Car Keys locksmith service then you have come to the real professionals. Locksmith Pro Solutions experts are always readily available to get you sorted out in all your Car Keys needs. Therefore you don’t have to get stuck in a Car Key situation, reach out, make a call to our mobile Car Key locksmiths and they will have you back on the road in less than 30 minutes. We offer our Car Key services all clock round 24/7. At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we offer all kinds of Car Key services, thanks to our highly experienced locksmith technicians.

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We Do All Kinds of Car Keys

At Locksmith Pro Solutions there is no such thing as a too simple or too complex Car Key situation. Our super-talented locksmith offers Car Key services which includes but is not limited to:


Car Key Duplication & Replacement

As Car Keys professionals, we always advise car owners to have an extra car key apart from the original one. This will be beneficial in case you lose the original car key. However, a car key duplicate should be confidential. So only trust professional locksmiths only such as the Locksmith Pro Solutions.

Car Ignition

Are you experiencing problems with your car ignition system? Consult the services of the super-talented locksmith Po Solutions technicians. Some car ignition systems are very much sophisticated, therefore make sure you engage professionals, and choose Locksmith Pro Solutions.

Transponder Key Programming Service

A transponder Car Key uses chip technology to control the car locks. Whenever you have a situation with your car transponder key make sure you engage an expert locksmith. An inexperienced locksmith who has the required expertise to re-program the transponder key. Our locksmith has handled thousands of transponder car keys situations and there, therefore, you can rest assured they will get you sorted well.

Car Keys Replacement, Duplication & More!


Jammed / Broken Key Extraction

Sometimes you may experience car key gets stuck or breaks inside the keyhole. In such a situation, contact our technicians, they will extract the key and provide you with a duplicate in case you are in need of one. A jammed key extraction should be done skillfully by an expert to avoid secondary damages on the ignition system or the car keyhole. In case you are experiencing a jammed key situation don’t hesitate to consult the services of our skilled locksmiths.

Car Lock Rekey

Sometimes you may need to change the key of a working car lock for your own security reasons. With the help of an experienced locksmith, this is definitely very possible. Our Professional locksmiths will handle this task within a very short time. Rekeying a car key is a necessary move especially after buying a second-hand car.

Laser-Cut Car Keys

At Locksmith Pro Solutions we also provide laser cut key services. Laser-cut keys (high-security keys) enhance more security for your car lock system as compared to the standard mechanically cut keys. Duplicating laser cut car keys requires a specialized laser key cutting machine. Therefore, it is almost impossible to duplicate this type of a key unless you can afford this expensive laser cutting machinery.


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