Here is why you Should Rekey your Office Locks

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JAN 2020

When it comes to office security, you do not want to guess around. It is important you take matters to do with key and lock seriously. Otherwise, you may end up regretting big time when you begin losing stock or important office documents. In this post, we are going to highlight some important reasons to consider office locks rekeying. However, before we continue to the reasons to rekey office locks, let us define what rekeying is exactly.

What is lock rekeying?
Rekeying a lock refers to the act of removing the pins and the springs in the lock cylinder and replacing these components with new ones. Therefore, the same lock is going to work, but using a different key. Therefore, office locks rekeying means that you will retain the current lock but use a new key to unlock or lock it. The only advantage is that new key operated differently or better compared to the original key.

Here is why you should rekey the office locks

  • Rekey after moving to a new office: Once you have moved office, the first thing to think about is the security of your belongings and files. Therefore, office locks rekeying works perfectly when it comes to securing your new office.
  • If you lost the original keys: Everyone has misplaced the key at one point. You know how stressful it becomes when you start to doubt that someone you do not trust picked the key. Therefore, key loss is another common reason why locks rekeying should be considered. With locks rekeying, the old key becomes unusable, restoring your confidence that it is only authorized personnel who can access the locked office. Do not consider key replacement in case of lost or misplaced office key. This is because you never know who picks up the key and neither can you tell their intention. Therefore, locks rekeying is a security measure meant to assure you office security.
  • When the keys stop working: Locks and keys do not last forever. Overtime, the pins and springs wear out and it becomes impossible to unlock the doors. Therefore, in such circumstances you need to consider locks rekeying to avoid the office lockout incidents. Call a trusted locksmith for professional office locks rekeying.
  • In case of a break-in: Whether successful or unsuccessful break in, you should consider locks rekeying. Consider a break-in to be a warning sign that someone is targeting you. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider locks rekeying to restore the integrity and security of your office doors and cabinets.
    No matter the reason why you need locks rekeying, it is advisable that you hire a qualified professional. At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we provide locks rekeying. You can contact us at 480 719 5123  right away for the best solutions.



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