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Convenience is inarguably the very first thing that comes to mind when it comes to going keyless. These mechanisms are relatively easier to install and maintain than traditional key activated locks.

The principle of operating a keyless lock is simple. You just have to set a code and remember to open the lock every time or need a functional smartphone with the lock app installed in it.

Unlike a traditional lock, you don’t have to be physically at the door to lock or unlock a keyless lock, and you can operate it remotely from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, anytime. For instance, if you suddenly realize that you forgot to lock your front door when you left for your office in the morning, you can do it with just a tap.

Additionally, keyless locks are easier to operate for kids than conventional locks. If your children need to get inside the home when you are not there, they can easily open the door it with the code. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your child losing your spare key.

Keyless Lock

Enhanced Reliability

Unlike conventional locks that wear down over time and lose the functionality they once had, keyless locks and more durable and can operate at their peak efficiency for a good time of their serviceable life in normal use.

Higher Security

Smart locks are more secure than conventional locks because they work with a code that only the authorized individuals know. Therefore, if you ever have doubts about your property’s security, you can simply change the code.

In contrast, if you are using locks operated with a physical key, the likelihood of key loss is always there. And when that happens, chances are there that the lost key may fall in the wrong hands. Therefore, your property won’t be safe until you rekey or replace your lock.

This isn’t the case with a keyless lock because you can change the code in a matter of moments to restore the same level of security and safety in your home.

Better Access Control

Keyless locks give you complete control over who enters your home. For example, if you are not at home and a repairman needs to get inside to do some work, you can remotely grant access to him with your phone.

Similarly, organizations with a significant workforce can grant easy access to authorized employees to certain areas like library or labs with smart locks. They can share a passcode to access these facilities at any time without having to carry a separate key to open the lock.

Access Tracking

A smart entry lock is connected to your smartphone, and lets you track every time it is locked and unlocked. It also keeps the record of all the entries and exits.

Sophisticated keyless mechanisms also record every input of the passcode, including the time of entry. This feature is particularly beneficial for sensitive organizations where a clear record is required to identify who and when accessed certain areas.

This record helps in an investigation in the event a burglary occurs. Using the data from the access system, the investigators can determine at what time a specific area in the building was accessed and locate perpetrators’ movements to hunt them down.

Saves Your Money

Though keyless locks are significantly expensive to purchase and replace than traditional deadbolts, they are still a cost-effective option in the long run as they do not have any keys that will be lost, and you won’t have to replace or rekey the mechanism and call a locksmith to perform the job.

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