Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key Extraction Service in Scottsdale

Are you facing trouble with a broken key? You need professional help for broken key extraction if you are in Scottsdale. Here, our team at Locksmith Pro Solutions can help with effectively extracting the broken key not just for your home but also for your office or automobile.

Why choose us for broken key extraction?

At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we are available as a 24-hour locksmith service. We can handle the extraction of broken keys in your automobile and also in residential and commercial properties. Call us today at (480)-719-5123 for an appointment and our locksmiths are at your disposal to help you.

24 Hours Broken Key Extraction Service

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Extract broken key with zero damage

If you find that that key breaks off and a part of the key is in your hand and the remaining part is stuck within the lock, we at Locksmith Pro Solutions will help with broken key extraction, Just in case, a part of the key is hanging out of the lock, you might sometimes be able to grab the piece out by pinching it with your fingers. But, at times, it will not be possible to remove the part of the key with fingers. Our technicians will use the state-of-the-art broken key extract tool. They will insert the tool into the keyway of the lock, in such a way that it permits the teeth of the tool to come into contact with the cuts along the key that is stuck inside.

At Locksmith Pro Solutions, our experts know how far to insert the tool to safely extract the key. They can estimate how much of the key is stuck in the keyway of the lock to safely remove it.

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Where should you use a broken key extraction service?

As you can judge, you should not involve in key extraction yourself. The reason is that you can damage the lock when you do this yourself. On the other hand, when our team at Locksmith Pro Solutions handles it, they will safely extract the broken key without damaging the lock. It means that they will help you avoid a lock replacement. Of course, if they find that the lock has already been damaged, they will suggest the appropriate solution.


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