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Safe is an important investment for anyone to secure their important documents, cash, heirlooms, and other valuable possessions.

However, like every other lock-operated item, people are also prone to locking themselves out of their safe. Lost keys, forgotten combination, and lock failure are among a number of reasons that could leave the safe owners facing a lockout situation.

Fortunately, most of the safe locks are not manipulation-proof and can be bypassed with the right tools and techniques. Whatever the reason, trying to crack a locked safe on your own without required tools and expertise can cause irreversible damage to the equipment as well as the contents inside it. The job, therefore, should be left to the best industry experts.

We at Locksmith Pro Solutions know exactly what it takes to open a safe or vault without drilling or damaging it in any way and compromising the integrity of the contents inside it.

Our technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to work on the dial, digital, and fingerprint safes of all styles and sizes from all make and models.

Whether it is a gun safe, jewelry safe, fire-resistant safe, burglary safe, wall safe, or floor safe, we harness our impeccable analytical thinking with the least intrusive manipulation techniques to unlock it without any evidence of the breach.

Over the years, we have cracked even the most complex mechanisms on antique, old, and most modern safes in worst-case scenarios.

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I Lost the Key to My Safe – Safe Cracking Experts in Scottsdale

If you have lost the only key to your single-key safe or one or both of your dual-key safe, reach out to us for assistance.

We will utilize the right lock picking methods or manipulation methods to unlock your safe with ultimate precision and efficiency before cutting an accurate key that you need to operate your safe again.

I Forgot My Safe Combination –Dial Safe Unlocking Service Near Me

If you have forgotten the turning sequence of your dial safe lock, get in touch with us for immediate assistance.

Whether your safe utilizes a 3-wheel or 4-wheel dial configuration, we will use the right methods to decipher it and safely restore your access to your safe and reset a new combination for you if needed.

I Forgot My Safe Password – Crack & Reset a Digital Safe

If you have forgotten the passcode of your electronic safe, turn to us. Our safe cracking experts will use the appropriate techniques to retrieve the original code to open your safe quickly and efficiently.

Once the safe is unlocked, we can reset a new code that is easier to remember for you.

I’m Locked out Of My Safe – Safe Lockout Services in Scottsdale

If your safe lock is not opening even with a properly working key or correct turning sequence, it is likely that one or more of its internal parts have been worn-out or broken. If it is an electronic lock, damaged wiring, or dead batteries might be the culprit.

Let our technicians pinpoint what exactly has gone wrong with the lock and fix it to bring it back into optimal working order.

Crack & Reset a Digital Safe

Call us to schedule your installation of the new Safe Unlock

Safe Unlock

Major Safe and Vault Brands We Service

Our technicians specialize in working with safes from all the major brands, including;

  • Hollon Safes
  • Hayman Safes
  • Hamilton Safe
  • Honeywell Safes
  • Gardall Safes
  • Hotel Preferred
  • Amsec Safes
  • Barska Safes
  • FireKing Safes
  • Mesa Safe Company
  • Liberty Safes
  • Permavault Safe
  • Fort Knox
  • Master Lock
  • Rhino Metals Inc.
  • Rhino Safes Ironworks
  • Fort Knox Vaults

Scottsdale Safe and Vault Experts You Can Trust

No matter for what the reason you have been locked out of your safe, don’t try to break open it yourself or trust an amateur and turn to us right away for the most precise safecracking the industry has to offer.

When you rely on Locksmith Pro Solutions, you can breathe easy knowing that you have the best safe lock experts in Scottsdale on your side who will crack open your safe with extreme precision and care.

Call us at 480-719-5123 for your safecracking needs.

Scottsdale Safe and Vault Experts You Can Trust

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