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It’s great that you look to have duplicate keys for your home or office. Having duplicate keys will ensure that you will have an alternative handy if you have misplaced the key that you presently use. At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we have the expertise in duplicating any type of keys. Our affordable pricing is yet another point that adds value to us.

What does it mean to duplicate keys?

Key duplication is the process of creating a lock based on the existing key. When it comes to key duplication, the primary method involved is key cutting. Varied key cutting machines are more or less automated with the help of different grinding or milling equipment. At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we specialize in key duplication, duplicate your keys with professional locksmiths.

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How do we make duplicate keys?

At Locksmith Pro Solutions we use a machine called a key duplicator. On this machine, the original key is placed in a vice on a single side of the key duplicator. It is lined up with the blade or the cutting tool. At this place, a blank key is placed on the side of the machine in a vice that encompasses the alignment tool. It is a piece of metal that is in line with the blade. To ensure that the original key and the blank key are even with one another, the alignment bar or the key guide on the key duplicator takes care.


When will key duplication help?

Key duplication will help with getting duplicate keys for your home, office or automobile. Here are some ways why this service will help:

  • It will help with preventing accidental lockouts
  • It will bring down the possibilities of key breaking
  • It will make faster key replacements
  • Duplication will bring convenience to multiple users
  • Spare keys will help with saving money

Duplicate Keys in Scottsdale

To whom do we offer key duplication service

At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we offer key duplication services to houses, commercial establishments and even for automobiles. Our locksmiths are experienced and they have the right expertise in what they do. They are highly trained to provide top-quality locksmith services. To make sure that the best key duplication service is provided to our clients, we use the latest tools and technology. Technology has been a part of our growth process and we keep ourselves updated with the latest innovative technology not just in key duplication, but also in other types of locksmith services that we offer. We recommend you to duplicate the keys as a backup plan for lockout.


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