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Our locksmiths can help you rekey your entrance door, car,  gates, high-security lock, cabinets, safes, windows, patios and much more.

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When do we recommend rekeying?

Just in case, the possession of a property gets to you after having owned by another family, in this situation we recommend rekeying. This will help you maintain control over the access to your property. Here are more situations when we recommend rekeying:

  • If your keys have been so far under the control of a construction team or a housekeeping team
  • When moving into a new home
  • If someone has recently moved out or when there was a robbery in your house of the late
  • When many others had access to the keys before you
  • If you have lost your office or home key
  • When you are renting out your property to a new tenant
  • At Locksmith Pro Solutions, we also recommend rekeying after a separation in wedding or business relationship.

Not just for homes and offices, we offer rekeying service for an automobile as well.


What will we do when rekeying?

When rekeying a lock, our locksmiths will remove the springs and the pins in the lock cylinder and replace them with new spring and pins. This is done to ensure that they will only be working with a new and different key. All that we do after this is to create a new set of keys.

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