Why You Should Change Home Lock

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Are you concerned with the recent intrusions in your neighborhood? You might be thinking about installing a new lock with advanced security features? That’s only one of many reasons you should consider to change the locks of your home. Additionally, many new locks, such as smart locks, give your better access control. You can, for example, let cleaners, handyman, and contractors in digitally without lending out a key. They can also monitor your doorstep when you’re not at home. Below follows other reasons why you should consider a lock change at your home.


Old Locks

One of the maybe more obvious reasons to change a lock is when it’s outdated. Some of the older locks can easily be picked and opened. In some cases in less than 10 minutes.


New Home, New Lock

Whenever you have shifted to a new home, it is always safe to change the home locks. The reason is that the people previously living in the house still may have access to the property, and they may have had copies of their keys handed out to other non family members too at times.


Following A Separation

After a separation, it is advisable to replace the locks around your home to ensure you have control of the access to your property.


New Tenant For Your Rental

If you’re renting out. For the safety of you new tenant you should make sure to provide a modern and secure lock. With a new tenant you should consider changing the lock if it’s of an older model, since rekeying may not be sufficient.


Lost Keys

If your keys are lost you should make sure that the security of your home isn’t compromised. Especially if your existing lock is of a simple model.


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